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Alpine Tree Experts Inc. Lewsiberry PA Harrisburg PA

Tree Trimming

On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead and dying branches to maintain plant health and safety. This pruning type is referred to as cleaning. Alpine Tree Experts are trained to evaluate the condition of your trees and determine the type(s) of pruning required to balance your goals and those of managing plant health and safety.

Alpine Tree Experts Inc. Lewsiberry PA Harrisburg PA

Tree Removal

Tree removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees as well as those that have become hazardous. Removals can also be useful in eliminating competition for light and space so that the remaining plants are better able to grow and thrive. In some cases, trees may also be removed to allow for new construction, home additions and to provide clearances with those structures.

Alpine Tree Experts Inc. Lewsiberry PA Harrisburg PA

Stump Removal

As part of the tree removal process, the stump will typically be left as close to the ground as possible. If needed, removal of the stump can be provided. Stump removal can be challenging and often special machinery is required, but it may be necessary if the stump is a hazard in the landscape or simply an eyesore. Stump grinding by a professional is the easiest and safest way to handle this work.

Alpine Tree Experts Inc. Lewsiberry PA Harrisburg PA

Land Clearing

Our expert professionals have all of the training, talent and drive necessary to meet your lot clearing needs, and work to deliver the kind of outstanding results that you're certain to be happy with. We understand that large, unmanageable trees can present a serious obstacle when it comes to effective land clearing, and we take a lot of pride in our ability to deliver regardless of a project's apparent difficulty.

Alpine Tree Experts Inc. Lewsiberry PA Harrisburg PA

Bucket Truck Service

Your large, problematic trees pose plenty of risks from property damange to injuring you or your family, so there's no reason to postpone dealing with them. With our skill, experience, and trained technicians your tree can be felled and removed far more easily than you might imagine. We specialize in performing difficult tree services including bucket truck services and have all the tools and knowledge to safely complete your project.

Alpine Tree Experts Inc. Lewsiberry PA Harrisburg PA

Crane Service

We always use the appropriate size machine for the job and move smoothly and efficiently for maximum efficiency in minimal time. This makes crane removals a very cost effective way to get the job done in many cases. A major plus that goes along with this alternative is that it negates gravity, resulting in a pristine landscape, like the tree was never there. No matter the size of the job, we have you covered!